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Some publicity....

Last 2-3 months saw some visibility through magazines of a semi-formal nature.

1. I e-mailed the "moodling your way to e-learning" article which I wrote for our Moodle workshop, to Linux For You. They liked it and were keen to publish it immediately. They chose it for the then current issue itself - namely the September 2008 issue. It is available only in hardcopy form for one month, after that they will host it online for public access. It is my first 'magazine' writing, and first contribution to Linux For You. A couple of unknown readers sent me e-mail saying that the article was nice - so that is a bit of icing on the cake.

2. We (Aparna, me and Santosh) had submitted a research paper on localisation to the e-gov 2008 conference. Since localisation was not a listed topic in the conference, it did not make it there. But the e-gov magazine was planning a special issue on localisation, and they asked for permission to publish it. That article made it in the September 2008 issue - available online and hardcopy. It even got featured as the cover story.

3. The e-gov magazine folks asked for a writeup for the special issue, and I prepared a hurried note on NLP and localisation. I was not very happy with it. But the magazine folks were. That also made it into the same September 2008 issue, and got featured on the magazine cover. These two were the only articles to be featured on the cover.

4. We (Archana, me and Sunny) had submitted a paper on Marathi tutor to digital learning conference. Apart from being presented in the conference, it also made it to the digital learning magazine in the July 2008 issue.

Most of the time, my writings used to be just web-hosted or ignored after the purpose for which it was made (like a workshop). I used to wonder about submitting it somewhere - but never got around to do that till this time.

- Sasi

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