the_little_sasi (the_little_sasi) wrote,

Wish you a very happy Diwali...

The floods, the draughts, the explosions
not caused by crackers of children,
The economy on the down for a while,
The inflation climbing up with the prices

There is so much darkness all around
Awaiting a thousand Diwalis in our mind
Dispel the darkness with the light of love
Care, compassion and some concern.

Pray for those caught in darkness
Losing lives or their life-givers
Dark, sure, will their Diwali be
not just now, but for long ahead.

Let the Diwali bring in some light
into our troubled hearts and worried minds
Let the lights be of happiness or a veg oil;
Powercuts are already unbearable

Let there be no crackers, big or small;
Pollution is already hurting our lives
Let your laughter loud and clear
replace the harmful crackers from now.

Happy and Safe Diwali/Deepavali to all of you....
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