the_little_sasi (the_little_sasi) wrote,

The Web world...

I have been slowly building a little home on the net again, after the bad experience with You can find me at; (wrongly written as earlier) it is under construction, but slowly using that as a Web-presence to keep and share useful stuffs. Being a wiki-based tool, moving stuff to the site is difficult, since there is no file upload! Your comments are welcome.

I have been talking about content development for long. Last week decided to contribute a little to the Gutenberg project of putting books on line. Anyone can register ( as a proof reader, and pick up scanned pages to proof read. They have a very elaborate editing process - quite impressive. Two levels of proof reading, then a format editing, proof checking, verification, etc. Every page goes through 4-5 people before getting it finally released - perhaps explains the quality of the content they bring out. There are quite clear guidelines on what one should do, at each stage. And the task is not difficult, and often helpful to build an eye for details.

I discovered that I have sent an average of 4 mails per day during the last 4 years [4300 mails in by sent-folder, during the last 4 years]. This is counting every day of the year. I thought the number must be much higher; but perhaps it is getting evened out covering days when I am not on the net.
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