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It is the time for India, and you cant copy!

Yes, that was the message in most of the invited talks at the IISc conference (continuing from my previous post). The conference got over on Tuesday. I attended talks on Information technology (almost!), cosmos/astronomy, innovation, engineering science research, economics (trading mechanisms), Gnome reading, and one general one. Three of the speakers were Nobel prize winners. The rest big shots in India.

There was one major message in all of them. India is clearly progressing fast on the economics and technology side. But there is danger ahead. Environmental problems are putting all the nations on a leash - with threats of a 2-5 degree rise in temperature. But economic growth has been so far (history of man-kind) directly proportional to gas emission. We are today sending in about 2 tonnes gas per person per year. US is at something like 14! As India's economic index rises, we will rise in this also. The world average is now not too bad, thanks to the vast number of countries at a low economic growth including India and China. As we move up, the world average will shoot to alarming proportions. And UN agreements are going to restrict countries from raising gas emissions. This means, India has to find way to prosper without increasing gas emission - new/different modes of transportation, and other technological innovations have to be found. They are all saying "think out of the box" and bring out drastically new solutions - the rest of the world is looking upto us! On the other side, our mindset is to copy the US - in lifestyle, in technology, and social life!

The cosmos fellow said, there is no planet or star in the near vicinity that is fit for human inhabitation. So, we have no option but to stay here!

Pitroda: "we are living with 21st century need, 20th century processes, and 19th century mindset"
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