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Technology for solving practical problems...

Another high pitch message was the need to focus our research and development to solving the problems of the poor. Most of the work including those in IT are aimed at solving the problems of the rich. Sam Pitroda gave the following action points:
  • human development to be the focus of science
  • increase investment in social science, in understanding people [remember 1% of US citizens is in their prison!]
  • focus on big ideas [small ideas also take the same amount of time, anyway!]
  • take science to people [how about a chief scientist per district!]
  • revive/review traditional knowledge
  • build new educational institutions
  • create a new science [old measures dont make any sense now, bring Gandhi back to science -- simplicity, concern for poor, absolute truth, etc]
"Indian science will change the world destiny!"

Nandan Nilekani's agenda:
  • primary education
  • infrastructure
  • single market
  • urbanisation - recognise the importance of cities
seeing, the following changes in India over the last few decades
  • recognising the population not as a burden, but as an asset
  • large pool of enterpreneurs
  • English language seen as a language of aspiration
  • we are a young country in an aging world
  • democracy is strong
  • see technology as empowering
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