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Why I am not doing research... :-)

Today we had a long walk and a long talk. The walk was the usual evening walk around the campus, and for the last few days we have had a significant increase in the group size - actually about 600% increase (ie, from one person to 6 persons!). The walk is now a mix of fun and exercise. Today we also had a long talk on research, stemming from the question why no Indians are among the Nobel winners or such high recognitions. The discussion wandered to state of education, research centres, politics, evaluation measures for faculty and students, etc. And it culminated in the dinner table with the question as to why winners dont continue their productive run in the rest of the life.

If I do serious research, someday the Nobel prize committee and the likes of them, have to recognise my work and give me the prize at least once. This means someone is going to lose the chance to fame. And to me, I will become too famous, and will need to attend inaugurations and the like -- including national and international summits on poverty alleviation, leadership development, etc and even Miss India/World contests -- talking the same thing over and over again. And the rest of the time, I will be sitting in high-level committees doing nothing useful. This does not appear to be a good way to spend life. And if you get a big award, one cannot get away from it. And if one does serious research, the awards will find you. So, it is best not to do good research.

There is more problems. If you do good work, you have to publish papers. Writing good papers is not easy; it takes time and effort. And getting others to write is often harder, given the number of times you need to revise the paper. And if you dont write papers or apply for patent (another painful journey), I must talk about it so that others know and benefit from my work. And this means the big companies will seal all that with their patents, based on what they hear from me in these talks. And they will sell technologies to me based on this work, and charge me high including recovery of the money they spent on patenting. And my hard-earned money goes to buy technologies that I developed! So, it is best not to do good research.

The next best thing to do is to encourage others to do good research. This I keep doing wherever possible.

[The first para was reality, and the second onwards virtual reality, except this para!]

If you can find more reasons for not doing research, post....

- Sasi
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