the_little_sasi (the_little_sasi) wrote,

Workshop on Machine Learning...

Following the expert system workshop held a couple of months back, is the next one coming up - this time on "machine learning". For details refer to the and click on the machine learning workshop event link on the right, or visit

We will cover a set of popular machine learning approaches including neural networks, SVM, clustering, inductive learning, etc and illustrate these with a nice ML tool (open source) called weka.

PS: Looking at the number of comments that posts in my blog are receiving of late, it looks like my usual readers have given up on my poor blog. While workshop announcements, etc do not, often, receive much comments, posting general stuff (including poems -- stretching the definition a lot to accommodate them!) used to receive at least a few comments. Perhaps most of our LJ friends are too busy and hence has no time to post comments, perhaps even to read the posts. :-(
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