the_little_sasi (the_little_sasi) wrote,

Happy New Year...

A brand new year has arrived,
never seen this one before.
The old year has withered away,
leaving memories galore.

New resolutions, new diaries
New calendars, and same old life.
Changing times wear away minds,
Leaving the heart without life.

Let us usher a love-filled year;
Extend our hands filled with care.
Destroy the virus of hatred and pride,
Jealousy and anger, do not spare.

Let our minds be filled with love,
And respect others as they are;
So that we face the world together,
With bold steps and a smiling face.

Obstacles are in every path,
Carefully planted to test our strength;
Closer and tighter they make our bonds
When we dare to trust their strength.

Come, let us join our hands;
Smile with our mind and heart;
As the Sun rises in the morning,
Promising a year of love and care.

Less polluting gases, less use of oil;
Cleaner air, water and earth;
Healthier in body, mind and spirit;
Closer to meeting all our dreams.

Let the day open with these thoughts,
And stay all through the year and more.

Have a great new year....Our Kharghar campus is gearing up for the new year celebration. Students and staff together are making the show with songs, competitions (sports, arts, cultural, etc), dances, skits, etc. The campus is well decorated, and a festive mood is in the air.
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