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Indian e-books by non-Indians

One reason, I went for an iPOD was inspired by audio-learning. I am not much of a listening-to-film-songs person - though I dont mind a bit of it, and that too with "nice" songs. I found a lot of good 'reading material' on the net in audio format, and wondered about listening to such material when travelling, etc. Not that I was planning to optimally use my travel time that way - but when there is nothing else better to do, this could be worth a try. I picked up a few songs - mostly malayalam - for the song part. And then found some talks which I could download.

I dont feel this media is effective for "serious" stuff. So, I opted to pick up things of general interest. I got a copy of Helen Keller's autobiography (about 2-3 hours of audio time), the science of getting well, and the like. Recently got Rabindranath Tagore's Sadhana, and Gandhi's Bhagavat Gita. As I started listening to them, I found them hard to follow. Both were 'read' by non-Indians, and both had a lot of Sanskrit words, and the pronunciation was hard to follow - even though I was familiar with most of the words. Gyana (gjana) is read as Gayana, brahman becomes braaman, etc. Gita has lots of Sanskrit with Arjuna and Krishna themselves using many different names to denote each other during the discourse. Someone with a good Sanskrit pronunciation could produce a valuable audio-resource.

But, it is nice that, at least these people have understood the value of these material and have taken the trouble to produce an audio-book of them. Will the Indian community in India or abroad wake up to do such things? They are perhaps busy reading up the Western literature!
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