the_little_sasi (the_little_sasi) wrote,

Happy New Year....

Wishing you all a very happy new year, sharing this little poem. Written primarily for the students, but if you change, 'projects and quizzes' to whatever activities you have, then I guess it can work for all.

Look at the madness all around,
Ideas galore, sweet and smart,
Quizzes and projects shelved aside,
Hear only echoes of sports and art.

Creative elements spring from all
Words and pictures talk so loud,
Of pain, joy, courage and evil;
Mirroring the world with just no cloud.

Java, Web, OS and DB,
The market wants them all in rife.
In these little events, but, you learn
Lessons precious for your life.

A cloudy, polluted world we have;
Terror and hunger add to the mess.
Clean up or perish – choice is tough;
This time, we cant afford to miss.

A calmer world beckons us far
Greener, safer and full of peace.
To that world of respect and love,
Closer we should get with ease.

Come, let us join our hands;
We can change this world, so dear.
Wearing that lovely smile of hope;
Let us welcome this new year.

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